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Marissa Mayer – Hero or Zero?

By now, we have all heard the news about Marissa Mayer’s (Yahoo! CEO since July 2012) decision to end the telecommute¬†privileges¬†for Yahoo!’s employees. Of course, some people think this is harsh and others think she is making the right move. My boss gave me feedback one time that I was too “black and white” about … Continue reading

Let the (Cloud) Games Begin!

In case you missed CIO.com’s list of “10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch” article on March 4th, I have consolidated the list of companies and what they do for a little different perspective. This suggests that there are still a lot of different business models to be explored in cloud computing and that there is … Continue reading

How can your IT department become your company’s preferred IT business partner?

Your CEO and executive leadership team has a formidable challenge: they are responsible for managing a P&L that achieves the company’s financial goals. Those goals can be revenue driven, profit driven, or both, depending on what they are trying to achieve. In either case, they want to reduce costs wherever possible. It just so happens … Continue reading