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Anatomy of a World Class IT Organization

Does your company have a World-Class IT Organization? Unless you know what one looks like, how would you know? I mentioned in my last blog that I utilized tools from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) that were helpful in assessing and measuring the current state of my IT organization. Regardless of how you get there, you have to figure out where you are weakest and which areas of focus will yield the highest returns. The answer to that question will be as unique as each organization, depending on the overall maturity of your business and IT operations, current situations you are facing, and the perception of your staff and business peers.

I used the assessment from CEB, but you can also create your own or ask your staff to participate in an exercise to rank key capabilities into strengths or weaknesses, and then prioritize areas for improvement based on what you collectively think have the most value.


Once you have identified the areas with the highest ROI, then you can begin to put an action plan together to address these areas by increasing your IT organizations capabilities. Building a World-Class IT organization is not a destination – it is journey which consists of creating a sustainable process that  reduces weaknesses and capitalizes on strengths. It is facilitated by creating and sustaining momentum towards improving capabilities. It is the Ultramarathon!

About Michael Weaver

Mike is CIO at DBM Global and startup enthusiast. DBM's portfolio of companies include Schuff Steel, PDC, BDS VirCon and Aitken Manufacturing.



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