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Do You Have the Right Team?

One of the most important hurdles in building a World-Class Organization is to not accept excuses from your team, or other business leaders, on whether or not to take the journey. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is – you change directions with a single step.

Change is hard. Organizational change management, or the lack of it, is the number 1 reason why projects fail or benefits are not realized. Changing an entire IT organization is not a task for the weak. It is going to take a lot of action from a lot of people over a long period of time. The alternative is to accept the status quo. The danger of this is that you never know when you will get a new boss or stakeholder who wants to peek under the hood of the IT engine that you have built. If that scares you, then you have no other choice but to increase the capabilities of your organization.

The first thing you have to figure out is whether or not you have the right team. Without the right people in the right position, you will fail. If you are new to the organization then you can take some time to figure this out – but not too much. You can’t invest an excessive amount of time into an employee or staff member who isn’t going to help you take the organization to where it needs to be. Not only do you cheat yourself, but you are doing them a disservice by asking them to become someone they are not capable of becoming. This doesn’t mean that you do this in an uncaring or disrespectful manner. Be human and help them make the transition to a new role or new company. You will want the same consideration when it happens to you and you will think back to how you were treated and how you treated others in this situation.

One final thought on this is to consider asking your team who doesn’t belong. Highly effective teams will want strong performers working with them and will not tolerate teammates who are not pulling their weight. If the rest of the team is ambivalent to weak performers, then you have a much larger culture problem to solve. Once you have the right people on your team, create an inner circle of trust for people who have earned the right to be trusted! Employees are much more effective when they are among friends who care about them personally and professionally, and they are not concerned about their job security. I want my employees to not be afraid to take risks and to experiment with new ways of doing things. They won’t do this if they are not in a circle of trust with their coworkers and management team.

About Michael Weaver

Mike is CIO at DBM Global and startup enthusiast. DBM's portfolio of companies include Schuff Steel, PDC, BDS VirCon and Aitken Manufacturing.



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