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SaaS, Staffing-as-a-Service???

One of the larger  challenges that an IT Leader faces is keeping the right talent on your team. IT Leaders are faced with the need to provide services and support to the business, while trying to maintain or reduce costs. This will remain a challenge for for the near future as businesses divert dollars to innovation and digital tech.

Some of the reasons why Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is so attractive are due to the minimal upfront investment, the ability to scale up and down, and the amazing customer experiences that are developed by customer focused organizations.

I recently had one of those amazing customer experiences with a company that provides offshore IT staff augmentation services for DBM Global. I have been using offshore resources as extensions of my team for cost savings for software development and for network management services. But, over time, my needs have changed. I have added staff to my internal software development team and I have a junior network admin whose skills have developed to the point of being able to take over the role of managing the network. Additionally, my infrastructure team was getting crushed with operational support due to rolling out additional systems for the business. Meanwhile, the time available from each system administrator for important infrastructure project work (non-ROI) was down to just 10-15 hours per week.

I approached my provider with my changing needs and they were very accommodating to swap out the current people that I was using with a very different skill set – in this case it was Commvault backup, storage administration, and Microsoft SCCM administration that was needed. As I thought a little more about this, I realized that this was really SaaS – Staffing-as-a-Service. It has all the flexibility, savings, and service advantages as software, IT-as-a-Service, or any other as-a-Service offering on the market.

If you want to try this for your organization you can contact me directly and I will give you more information on how to pull it off.

About Michael Weaver

Mike is CIO at DBM Global and startup enthusiast. DBM's portfolio of companies include Schuff Steel, PDC, BDS VirCon and Aitken Manufacturing.


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